Tribal Belly Dance Competition 2012


You are very welcome to take part in the 4th International Competition “Tribal Beauty” that will take place during the festival “TRIBAL WEEKEND 2012” in Ukraine
Concept of the “Tribal Beauty” Competition:
Tribal Beauty 2012 is a friendly contest-fest aimed at development of tribal values, versatility and techniques. You have a chance to be openly judged by giving feedbacks of the jury (“icons” of tribal style from different countries!) who will choose the best performances of “Tribal Beauty 2012”!
Every participant of the competition will personally receive evaluation form signed by the judges (open judging), where the judges will:
- Give estimates using 10-point system for Techniques-Image-Composition;
- These estimates aren’t taken into account (they are just for you to know) and won’t influence on judge’s choice while selecting the brightest performance;
- Judges will write detailed comments upon pros and cons of your technique, image and composition;
- You will receive these original evaluation forms along with the diploma of “Tribal Beauty” festival participant signed by the judges.
It’s an incredible experience to get a real evaluation of your work from the Tribal Stars!
This competition is like a festival because we do have a fest, show tribal masterpieces to each other, represent what we’ve learned during the year, how we’ve changed. We share ideas and inspire each other! :)
Kami Liddle (USA)
Deb Rubin (USA)
Bevin Victoria (USA)
Manca Pavli (Slo)
Violet Scrap (Italy)
Rewards and Prizes:
* Main prize is an invitation to the international festival in Germany – Tribal Festival Hannover 2013 that will take place on June 7-9th : Participation in the Gala-Show and attendance of 2 workshops free!
* Discounts for Tribal Weekend 2013 training session!
*And other nice surprises!
- Beginners + debut (this year admission (2012) and dancers of 1st-2nd year of study)
- Amateurs
- Professionals (choreography+ improvizational skills)
Payment for participation:
- Beginners – 10 euro
- Amateurs – 15 euro
- Professionals – 20 euro
Duets 8 euro per participant
Groups (3-7 members) – 8 euro per participant
Formation (8-24 members) – 7 euro per participant
Production (25 and more members) – 6 euro per participant
Conditions and terms of participation:
• Applications are accepted until October 26th , 2012 at marked as “Competition”.
Music has to be attached to the letter with the application form and send to the organizers until October 26th.
Duration of the composition:
- Solo dances – up to 3 mins;
- Group dances – up to 4 mins.
If your track is longer, music will be cut off during a performance without any warning!
You must have a signed spare copy of your audio at the competition : every track on a separate disc, one track on the disc, audio CD format or MP3.
• Participation fee must be made before October 26th! (payment details will be sent in response to application letter). If unpaid your application will be considered invalid!
• You have to be mandatory registered (and get a number) on the day of the competition from 10 a.m. till 12 a.m.! Registration will not be available after 12 a.m.
Application is considered valid only after the full payment! There is a limited number of participants! Payment guarantees your participation, but in case of your absence (or absence of any member of your team or the whole team) for any reason, your payments won’t be refunded.
Registration and payment for participation must be made till October 26th!
More info & payment details will be sent in response to application letter.