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TRIBAL WEEKEND 2011 – Belly Dance

TRIBAL WEEKEND – annual international tribal festival in the ancient and historical city, centre of Europe -

Kyiv., Ukraine




- workshops intensives and private classes with

Sharon Kihara (USA), 8 hrs www.sharonkihara.com

Sherri Wheatley (USA), 4 hrs www.sherribellydance.com

Edenia (USA), 4 hrs www.edeniabellydance.com

Manca Pavli (Slo), 2 hrs www.bellydance-fusion.com

Milana (Rus), 2,5 hrs
ATS WS, FCBD sister studio

- “Tribal Beauty” contest with the feedbacks of the Tribal Stars,

- Tribal United Gala-AfterParty feat.

- “Gala” of international Manca’s show “Bellydance Infusion” http://www.bellydance-unveiled.com/

- Tribal Fair

Registration (ws, privates, performance) at
till 20 June

Organizers help to choose the right accomodation in Kyiv

All the training session – 330 euro (22 hrs of Tribal Fusion & ATS)
Just Tribal Fusion WS Pack – 300 euro (19 hrs)
Just ATS class with Milana – 40 euro (2-3 hrs)
Full payment till 20 September
Certificates on passing of training course

New prices: SHARON KIHARA WS(4 WS, 8 hrs) – 200 euro
SHERRI WHEATLEY WS (2 WS, 4 hrs) – 150 euro
EDENIA (2 WS, 4 hrs) – 120 euro
MANCA PAVLI + MILANA (2 WS, 4,5 hrs) – 100 euro





“OPENING THE CHANEL: Body Conditioning, Yoga, and Flexibility”
Come and enjoy this intense (and fun) workout! This class is designed for any level of dancer who wishes to push themselves in the realms of strength, flexibility and endurance. Using a variety of methods, we will condition and tone the muscles that we rely on most as bellydancers, emphasizing healthy alignment of the spine and joints. After a training workout and mat session, we will practice some expressive exercises, then rock out with technique-focused drills that get the rhythm in our bodies and our blood pumping! This body-warming class will culminate in fresh dance combinations! Again, all levels are welcome; beginners are particularly welcomed! Please dress as though you are going to a yoga class; bring a yoga mat or a towel, a hip scarf and water bottle (preferably full).

“SUTRAS FOR SATI: Indian Fusion Choreography”
This class features a brand-new choreography created with the intermediate/progressed dancer in mind. Class will start with a warm-up and technical drills and break-down, and progress into a full-length fusion choreography. Previous belly dance, modern dance or other classical dance experience is helpful, but anyone with a spirit for adventure and challenge is absolutely welcome! Please dress for yoga and bring a notebook, pen, and water bottle.

“TOOLS OF A TRADE: A Breakdown of Advanced Moves for the Experienced Tribal Dancer”
This class is designed for the dedicated Bellydance student, and is suggested for dancers with several years of experience in Tribal Bellydance and/or Suhaila Salimpour’s technique. Here we will cover more advanced topics such as precise multi-layered movement, footwork, turning technique, floor work and preparation for backbends. Beginning and ending with a Yoga warm up and cool down, we will stretch and prepare the body, and each student will be encouraged and assisted in creating their own strengthening and conditioning routine to take home and practice each day, in order to help them meet their personal goals as a dancer. Students should dress for yoga, bring a mat, and a notebook and pen if they like.

“THE ARC-A BREND -new original fusion choreography.”
This dance has been made for you by Sharon, encouraging each dancer to learn to seamlessly blend themes within a single choreography. Combining, Tribal belly dance, modern, and Raqs Sharqi, the choreo is designed to challenge with complex layering, smooth, gliding moves, some familiar favorites, and some unexpected twists. Dance experience is recommended. Please dress like you are going to a yoga class.



Slow and Slinky Combinations, Conditioning and Floor work Fundamentals:”

Slinky and serpentine, channel your inner shapeshifter. Imagine moving like incense smoke through space. This workshop focuses on developing and maintaining the posture and muscle control to execute extremely slow and sinuous movements approaching controlled contortionism. We will begin with a very thorough warm up and series of strengthening exercises targeting the quads and core to prepare for smooth level changes and floor work. Developing flexibility in the hip flexors, legs and back will also be addressed. We will then move on to drills focusing on posture and technique, moving on to breaking down isolations of the chest, shoulders and hips. The execution of the slinkiest of snake arm cycles and traveling movements akin to “moving through honey” will also be broken down and drilled. We will then progress to very slow and controlled level changes and short combinations utilizing the isolations we have been drilling. The combinations will be linked together and expanded upon to form a complete choreography. This will take us to the floor for a breakdown of the fundamentals of tribal fusion floor work techniques including a strong emphasis on conditioning and strength training specifically for floor work. Once on the floor, we will do several exercises testing and improving our flexibility before moving on to floor movements and techniques including body waves, back bends, omis, mayas, chest rotations and traveling movements such as berber walks and “sit and turns,” knee slides and the ever popular showstopper – the Turkish drop! Lastly, we will drill smooth techniques to get back up off of the floor. Workshop concludes with drilling the complete choreography exploring several planes of space and suggestions for variations with regard to tailoring it to the soloist or troupe. While this workshop really works on conditioning for slower paced dancing, we will also learn floorwork for faster paced music. Please bring knee pads and a yoga mat. **Not recommended for those with knee and back problems.

“DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE – leave them breathless and wanting more!: ”
This workshop is for the intermediate or advanced dancer who is already performing professionally or has a desire to. Learn how to make your performance as dynamic and polished as possible. We will focus on elements of stage presence, staging (utilizing available space effectively), musicality and how to execute commanding entrances and exits. We learn various combinations and choreography that simulates components of an actual performance scenario to explore the nuts and bolts of each aspect of a complete show. Learn how to read an audience and tailor your performance in the moment so that the energy exchange motivates you and engages them. To add yet another wow-factor dimenson, this workshop features an original choreography to rip it up and tear down the walls glitchier than glitchy and dubbier than dubby dub step music! Dub step really lends itself to interesting variations in movement like purposefully breaking technique or “collapsing” out of a strong posture and then regaining it or “snapping” back into it. Essentially we will learn how to break format with intention, play with this dimension for a bit and then snap back into the strongest of form and technique. This is a forum where constructive feedback is provided by both instructor and other students. Come ready to sweat and bring knee pads as we will be on the floor at times during the workshop.




Popping is centered around the technique ofpopping(orhitting), which means to quickly contract and relax muscles to create a jerking effect in the body.Stronger pops normally involve popping both the lower and upper body together.Edenia is going to show you some of her personal drills that you can mix with Belly dance.We will start with an upper body warm up, then we will begin popping drills such asarm pops, leg pops, chest pops….and add in Belly dance drills also! Combos will be taught.. some belly dance experience is required this is an all Levels workshop bring dance shoes or socks. Lets to this Edenia Style!

Edenia is known for her unique style of popping Fusion Bellydance, in this workshop we will begin with Basic Popping such as muscle contractions known as a hit or Pop. Another fun style we will focus on in this workshop will be Waving we will work on different kind of arm waves, body waves We will work on technique first before mixing all into one with Bellydance. Edenia will guide you through poppy and wavy combos Please wear dance shoes or socks.





We’ll be moving from the “old-school” stylization to Tribal Fusion! First, we will take the strong posture and arm movements and move from “traditional” into the more modern feel of Fusion. Manca will share tips and tricks on how to practice and how to use musicality and different music choices to get your practice fun and creative! Trough examples and movements you will learn how to structure new movements, arm patterns and combinations and then shape them to fit the stage. Get ready to train hard, feel deep and love dance like you mean it!


== MILANA (Rus) ==


ATS Intensive, FCBD sister studio

- new ATS moves
- duet work at slow and fast parts
- veil work in ATS
- studying professionally to go out from difficult situations on the stage during improvisation
Don’t forget your veil, zills,notes and water

Tribal Beauty Contest terms and and TRIBAL WEEKEND schedule TBA


Thursday, October 20 at 10:00am – October 23 at 6:00pm



Build your Own Website for less than $1

Split tribal Fest

Split tribal Fest

Split tribal Fest

Split tribal Fest 23-26 avg 2010

Tribal fusion bellydance and music festival in beautiful Croatia

Split Tribal Fest is an international festival of tribal fusion bellydance and music featuring top artists and instructors such as Kami Liddle, Sharon Kihara, The Uzume, Paola Blanton and Mantra Fusion Band. Each artist will contribute to the event with their unique style of performance and will give you the opportunity to acquaint with different aspects of tribal fusion belly dance and music.


All festival workshops  will take place in

Čarobni Grad (Magic City)
City Stadium, Poljud

you can get more info about this venue here.


All workshops are charged equally:

28 Euros (200 Croatian kuna) per workshop

For booking more then seven workshops, you get 25% discount for each additional workshop.